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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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lot of effects from this storm overnight. reporting live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening today, the small business administration is opening a new disaster loan office to help victims of last month's devastating flooding in san jose. it opens this morning at 10:00 at city hall. the sba office is offering low cost federal disaster loans to all san jose renters, homeowners, and business owners impacted by the flooding. >> renters and homeowners can borrow up to $40,000 to replace lost personal property. homeowners can get loans of up to $200,000. business owners can borrow up to $2 million. flood victims can either apply at the city hall office on online. a month after the flooding, construction crews are working on repairs in the rock springs neighborhood. they're fixing floors, electrical service, and plumbing, so residents can move back in. at happy hollow zoo, conservationeams are ripping out dry wall to prevent mold. 3.5 acres of the zoo was under
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water. >> still kind of investigating and testing and trying to open up some of the buildings that were impacted, get them dried out and really assess what needs to be rebuilt or redone or torn out completely. >> the meerkats are back in their habitat. the san mateo d.a.'s office is investigating a deadly shooting. a man showed up at his ex-wife's office on saginaw drive, started threatening her and chasing her and the parking lot. police say she called 911 to say that her ex-husband was chasing her with a gun. that woman was not hit. police arrived minutes later, they ran after the man, cornering him. the deputy chief says officers spoke with him briefly but then he pointed his gun at them. >> there was an exchange of gunfire. one of our officers fired one round and we believe that he discharged around at himself into his face. >> police say the self-inflicted
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wound killed the man. it's not clear if the officers shot also hit him. happening today, california state universities board of trustees will vote on the first across the board tuition hike in six years. undergraduate tuition would go up by about $270 in the fall. officials are expecting a $168 million shortfall. officials say they need to hire more faculty and add more classes to accommodate growing enrollment. currently, there are roughly 460,000 students in the csu system. following breaking news about the trump administration's possible ties to russia. >> jessica tracking it from the live desk. >> the associated press reporting this morning that trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, secretly worked for a russian billionaire. manafort promised he could, quote, greatly benefit the putin government in 2005. manafort worked with a russian
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aluminum magnate, a close putin ally, and manafort signed a $10 million a year contract. it began in 2005 and lasted until 2009. manafort this morning has confirm confirmed to the a.p. he worked for that billionaire but said it is being unfairly portrayed. in washington, president trump is urging republicans to keep their promise to repeal obamacare ahead of tomorrow's vote. the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates that 24 million fewer people will have health insurance by 2026 under the proposed gop bill. abc7 news reporter janae norman is in washington with more. >> reporter: the billion dollar businessman turned president trying to make a deal, giving a thumbs up, optimistic about his ability to sway skeptics, insisting they'd be fools not to support the republican health care bill. the president warned republicans
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a no vote could cost them in the midterms. press secretary sean spicer explaining. >> we're going to make sure that we remember those who stood by us. >> reporter: but the governor of new york says voters would lose. >> it's not a congressional budget office says 24 million americans will lose insurance and 2.7 million new yorkers will lose insurance. >> reporter: house republicans made concessions to try to secure more votes. to appease conservatives, provisions giving states more flexibility over medicaid spending, including the option to require recipients to show proof they're working. and to win over moderates, a promise to boost aid for older americans to buy insurance. under the original bill, a 64-year-old earning $26,000 a year would see their annual premiums strike by nearly $13,000. all democrats in the house are expected to vote no but 22 republican no votes would kill the bill and by our count, at least that many are not committed to supporting it. janae norman, abc news
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washington. uc berkeley is working to notify people who may have come into contact with a student recovering from bacterial meningitis. the school issued an alert about the case yesterday and the student was diagnosed on monday. meningitis symptoms include fever, vomiting, headache, rashes and joint pain. there's a dispute about what should happen with the debris from oakland's deadly ghost ship fire. lawyers have until next week to control up with a plan on how to protect the charred material. the city trucked some of that debris to a soccer field. water officials say it is sitting too close to sensitive wetlands. the rest of the debris went to a hanger and the hangar wants that material removed. investigators trying to determine if there are more possible victims of a boy point man arrested on child molestation and pornography charges. contra costa county sheriff's deputies were tipped off. they say a search of his home
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yesterday turned up evidence that he had sexual contact with a minor. he's being held now on $1.5 million bail. the oakland city council is now reversing course on a controversial change to the city's new medical marijuana laws. the council has axed a proposal that would have required owners of pot businesses to live in oakland. one council member wanted growers and sellers to live in the city for three years before they could get a permit. noel gallo admits that pressure from pot growers prompted a change of heart. >> it's been clearly defined to me that it's unconstitution unconstitutional, it's not a good business practice. >> it doesn't require the owner of kaiser to live in oakland. >> last night's vote is going to need another council vote to receive final approval. all right, let's talk about what's going on with our temperatures. you can see start with radar,
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actually. temperatures are up to 7 degrees cooler so make sure you grab something to stay warmer but you can see we have a healthy amount of wet weather, especially south of the san mateo bridge so let's take a look at what's going o happen. we're about 45, look at that, 49 in black hawk, 50 to 53 degrees in most inland east bay neighborhoods. the air is so unstable. you've got cold air on top of a warm air and that's what's leading to these storms. 52 to 55 degrees elsewhere. let's look at highs today. 59 at half moon bay, 61 to about 63 degrees from san francisco to our inland neighborhoods and you notice you see some green still hanging around during the afternoon hours. here's a look at san jose. this is 101 and 880, and on the road, they're going to be wet this morning. choppy on the water this morning, and an umbrella early, so everything centered around rain, mainly this morning.
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i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at how it develops this afternoon and a look at the bigger storm coming in thursday and friday next. we've got a messy commute ahead. in fact, i've got about 20 issues already this morning and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see we've got some moderate rain out there today and heavy in some areas. actually have two rollover crashes working at the moment. northbound 101 just past oakland road approaching the 880 interchange, that mike just showed you there, that vehicle is partially blocking the far right lane. that's been there for a while, about 45 minutes. also on the peninsula, southbound 101 just before woodside road in redwood city, we've got heavy rain in that area too. another vehicle flipped over. that's sort of off in a ditch and is not a blocking situation, but you've got to slow down and drive for conditions this morning. also have a crash on westbound 580 in oakland. one minute, they're inspecting a diamond.
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the next, they are running for the door but this couple of people with sticky fingers all of a sudden got butter fingers. respect, diversity, and zero tolerance, uber making some big promises, the changes the embattled san francisco company is vowing to make. company is vowing to make. as you head into work and
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4:41 and we are on storm watch this morning. it's a live look right now at the san mateo bridge where the rain has been coming down heavy at times while you've been sleeping. meteorologist mike nicco will have your hour-by-hour forecast coming up. and remember, if you take any photos or video of the weather where you live, we want to see it, share it with #abc7now. you may see it on air on online. and new this morning, u.s. officials keeping a close eye on north korea this morning after another missile test last night. we just got this new information. now, the test failed, but the u.s. pacific command says it detected the launch from the east coast of north korea and said the missile appears to have exploded within seconds of the launch. officials say the missile was fired from movable launches that potentially could pose a threat to the united states, and this is an important note. last year, north korea test
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fired eight of those same types of rockets. only one was considered a success in that previous launch. reggie, natasha, back to you. san jose police want to track down two jewelry thieves who grabbed a diamond, stumbled, and then ran. take a look. surveillance video shows them at valley fair mall in december. the man asked to see a diamond, grabbed it. starting to run off but appears to trip and drop the diamond after picking it up off the ground, he and a woman ran for the door. an e-mail scam duped tech employees of a software company on the peninsula into giving out personal tax information. someone posing as the ceo at coupa conned employees in the human resources department into revealing w-2 payroll information, including social security numbers. the software firm says workers employed last year were affected. no customer information was compromised. well, change is coming. that's what uber is promising after a rare conference call with reporters.
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this comes after a slew of high-profile incidents ranging from sexual harassment allegations to the company's ceo being caught on a dash cam arguing with an uber driv abc7 news reporter lis gulezian reports. >> reporter: uber's top female leaders spoke of necessary changes coming their way. board member ariana huffington said, quote, going forward, there can be no room at uber for brilliant jerks and zero tolerance for anything but totally respectable behavior and an equitable workplace environment. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. >> reporter: just last month, this video surfaced of uber ceo travis kalanick arguing with an uber driver. the company is also accused of a sexual harassment cover-up.
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holding today's conference call was a good move, according to some. >> they absolutely had to do something about that and this gives them the best opportunity to reset. >> reporter: uber promises more diversity training, better communication with drivers on how they are paid, and more driver support. >> and if there's any way things can be improved, it's welcomed. >> it needs good management. and right now, we have someone standing in the way of good management who is the founder of the company. >> reporter: kalanick wasn't part of today's call and has no intention of stepping down. uber does plan to hire a new chief operations officer. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. you may start seeing some apology ads from pg&e this weekend. their punishment for the company's role in the san bruno pipeline explosion. a judge said the ad must publicize convictions and show how pg&e plans to prevent a similar tragedy. they estimate they will run
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commercials over the next three months. barry bonds will join the giants in scottsdale as a special instructor. yesterday, giants ceo larry bear announced bonds was hired to a front office position with the club as his special adviser. the home run king's new role includes representing the organization at community events as well as mentoring and coaching in minor league camp. all right. let's get over to alexis smith. it's definitely going to be challenging for a lot of us today. >> we've got a major problem in the east bay right now. this is now a sig alert. multi-car crash on westbound 580. this is actually just before you get to harrison. it initially was reported around the 980 merge. not sure about injuries yet but it doesn't sound great. sounds like one vehicle lost control, spun out, that person got out of the vehicle and that car was hit. several vehicles are involved now, probably between three and five so emergency crews on the way to the scene. all lanes blocked. we do not have an estimate for
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when we'll get any lanes back up at this point. chp recommending that you should use 880 for an alternate. if you're closer to the oakland hills, 13 to 24 will get you around this as well if you're heading to the bay bridge. but tough start. we knew it would probably be tough today as well. we've got tough driving conditions. here's a look at the bay bridge. high wind advisory for that commute today but you are looking okay coming into san francisco. and a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, boy, huge downpour just moved through that stretch. 680, dublin to mission boulevard, about 19, and 101 to cupertino still in the green. it is only going to go downhill from here, though. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. hey, everybody. heavy downpour just rolled through walnut creek, left about a half inch of rain. this is the way it looks on 680 as we look southbound. let's throw your highlights up there. showers and thunder best early, like right now, scattered this
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afternoon. heaviest rain is going to come in friday, fastest and most damaging winds and it's trending dry for tomorrow and saturday. the saturday being dry is a difference from yoed. here's a look at our heavy downpour. hayward, union city, fremont, newark, heading through the newark, heading through the sunol grade up to pleasanton, livermore, the alzheimertamont . cold front rolling through. that's where we're going to have one last push of showers and thunderstorms this morning. cold air pocket will lead us to some showers and thunderstorms on an isolated nature this afternoon. so 5:00 in the morning, you can see the yellows and the oranges moving through the south bay, east bay, and into the central valley by 9:00. noon through the afternoon hours, you can see the tapering of those showers and by 9:00, completely gone. clouds open up, a little bit cooler tomorrow morning. here we are at 11:00 thursday night. our next storm making a beeline for the north bay. 4:00 friday morning to 9:00 most of the rain is in the north bay and then right after the morning
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commute into noon, it starts to slip to the south and then during the evening hours it's going to overtake all of our neighborhoods with that yellow and orange but you notice how long it lingered in the north bay. that's why we could have some flooding up there. a 2 on that storm. today's a 2 for next couple of hours. a 1 for sunday and monday. mike, thank you. you know what they say, why mess with a good thing, right? that seems to be the case for americans and our favorite dog breed. >> labrador retrievers are at the top for a 26th straight year and you can see why people just love their loyalty and their gentle spirit. after labs, the top five go like this. german shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs and beagles. the stats reflect mixed breeds, puppies and other newly registered dogs in the club's recognized breeds. >> where's my maltese? we are counting down to national puppy day tomorrow and to get
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ready for our annual adoption event we're inviting you to share your puppy photos with #puppieson7. some great photos have been sent in so far. be sure to join us tomorrow on abc7 mornings. we'll be live streaming our puppy cam all morning long and tell you how you can give one a forever home. when you suffer a heart attack, one critical piece of equipment can make all the difference. the role coffee shops can play in saving lives. forgot your atm card? no problem. the big change coming to wells fargo cash machines next week. when guessing one letter goes horribly wrong. what some "wheel of fortune" fans are calling one of the game's biggest fails. but first this morning's "tech ytes."rst this morning's "tech new products from apple. it's actually part of the red campaign which contributes to the global fund to fight aids. the new phones are available on friday. apple also unveiling a lower cost ipad. google maps lets you know
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the likelihood of finding parking. >> the new feature gives a grade of easy, medium, or limited. the app will allow drivers to save their parking location, meaning no more losing track of your car. that's what the little alarm button is for on the car. >> we could use one of these around new york city during how shall hour. >> the suv body lifts up to go over traffic but unfortunately you can't actually buy one. verizon had the vehicle made to promote its new car system that promote its new car system that connects via
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today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain, so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. 4:54. welcome back. saving a life while ordering a soy latte sounds strange but not according to a group of researchers from the university of toronto. they say starbucks and atms connected to large banks are the best places to keep heart defib laters. that's because they're the most likely places you're going to get a cardiac arrest, at least in toronto. two other reasons why they're prime locations, long hours and nearly everyone knows where one is located. these researchers believe that their findings can apply to other cities too. i kind of feel for this guy because he's getting a whole lot of grief this morning. he was on "wheel of fortune" and
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that puzzle you're about to see is kind of painful to watch. here the last night's heartbreaking moment. >> $600. >> k. >> no. lisa. >> you know that pulitzer prize winning play, a streetcar naked desire. yeah, so, he picked k instead of m. of course the correct answer is "a streetcar named desire." kevin's answer has people shaking their you can watch "wheel of fortune wheel fortune" on abc. >> in the moment, he was stressed, he was under pressure. >> i just think he doesn't know what "a streetcar named desire" is. sometimes things get past you. mike, you would have gotten that right, correct? >> i'm going to take it away from here, actually, guys. and i've got a major problem in the east bay right now too. we've got all lanes of westbound 580 taken away. everything is closed right now. this is just before harrison so
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we updated that location but at first it was reported at 980 but it's east of there. a really sad update, we got word from chp that this is now a fatal crash so all lanes are blocked. of course they're going to have to do the fatality investigation. this is likely going to be a long-term situation. 880 wide open right now. that will change as we get further into the commute and northbound 13 to 24 is also an option for you but it is a tough morning on the roads. we've not a lot of solo vehicle spinout crashes as well. 680 through walnut creek, not looking too soggy at the moment but hydroplaning a possibility this morning and reduced visibility with that road spray kicking up as well. let's check in with mike nicco now. hey, alexis. let me add into that and show you rush hours from a weather perspective. the downpours as we've been talking about, the standing water and the hydroplaning, as mentioned by alexis. i think the best chance of that is this morning because we're going to have the greatest chance of wet weather. much dryer this evening and a little breezy and that will help dry things out.
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this month, we've got eight wet days and counting. three in a row, monday, tuesday, and today. look at all this rain we're going to get friday night, nearly a half inch in mountain view to 2.5 inches up in the north bay and that is being conservative. that storm's going to be a doozy friday. cell phones will soon work as atm cards at wells fargo cash machines. they plan to upgrade all 13,000 of its atms next week. you're going to get an 8-digit code from the smartphone app and you have to enter that along with your p.i.n. next at 5:00, march madness taking over san jose and you can get a sneak peak at the tweet 16 teams today for free. new stricter gun restrictions may not actually be helping. plus a really somber day in belgium one year after terror attacks there. here at the live desk, i'll show you how they are honoring the victims when we come back.
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victims when we come back. and if
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that is heavy rain overnight causing big issues on the road right now. >> good morning on this wednesday, march 22. there is a sig alert in the east bay. we need to talk about. alexis, what's happening? >> we've got all lanes shut down right now, westbound 580 in oakland and it's just before you get to the 980 interchange so for all those folks heading to the bay bridge, you are going to be forced off on to surface streets right now. this is a sig alert. this is unfortunately aat


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